Our Wild Women set off...

Today is the day.

After months of planning and training, PSS Wild Women have set off on their journey from Bethesda to Black Rock Sands in Snowdonia.

On October 26th, 2018 at roughly 12:00 pm the ladies met, they checked their kit to make sure they had everything they need, had some lunch and started on their way at roughly 3 pm. They will be taking a direct route facing and conquering any challenges that they come across.

So far the team members have been abseiling, coasteering, kayaking, and trekking to prepare themselves for the challenge ahead of them.

It's going to be cold and it's going to be tough for the team, it isn't too late to donate and I know they would be very grateful for any donation.

To show your support follow this link:

We are all incredibly proud of you girls, we know you can smash it! 

Catch up with PSS Wild Women

With the Snowdonia challenge rapidly approaching I thought it would be good to catch up with the Wild Women to see how they are feeling, here is what they had to say:

JessicaHopefully I'm not the only one that is suddenly thinking cr*p! What have I done?! I can't even back out now thanks to the generous sponsorship of my friends and family! Just hope I don't let the team down or hold anyone back.

LindsayI am really excited about it! In amongst the excitement there are waves of panic about whether I'll cope with the physical demands, whether I'll be able to sleep in a tent, will I have all the kit I need, but I feel confident that together we will get each other through this

EmmaAn equal combination of excitement and terror. Excitement to do it and finally meet everyone, terror at the thought of leaving my 10 month baby or 4 days.

Briony Excited! I am still scared about the abseiling but it's not really something I've got time to practice so will just have to …

Introducing Wild Women Lindsay & Jessica

Name: Lindsay Salmon
Age: 37  HG Heroes: 
I had such an idealistic view of how my pregnancies would be; healthy eating, lots of yoga, beautiful clothes, glowing skin, thick hair, basically blooming. But alas, it was not to be. My first pregnancy was horrendous I couldn't keep anything down, healthy or not; there were no clean clothes never mind beautiful ones because I was too poorly to think about washing; and my skin was greasy and green/grey rather than glowing. Just getting off the sofa to the bathroom was about as much effort as I could manage, so yoga was not to be either/
I was admitted to hospital 4 times for 5 days at a time, with IV fluids and a variety of anti-emetics none of which seemed to make any difference to how horrendous I was felt. My sense of smell was heightened to extreme levels and I had strong food aversions to almost everything including water. Even when the symptoms were under control by about 21 weeks, I still took so many medications that I practically r…

Introducing Wild Women Briony & Emma

Name: Briony Chambers
Age: 37
HG Heroes: Hannah & Leo 

I had HG with both of my pregnancies. During my first I managed to work for a few months on and off but when I wasn’t at work I would be in bed a lot as I just could not function. During my second pregnancy I couldn’t work at all. I was vomiting up to 30 times a day, had multiple hospital admissions and could not look after my daughter properly. It affected me hugely psychologically and I suffered with postnatal depression both times. I still get flashbacks when I smell a certain smell or see a certain item of clothing, so the after effects are still there years later.

I'd Skydive again, yet I won't go up a ladder 
The biggest challenge for me will be the rappelling as I’m terrified of heights.

Name: Emma Reader
Age:34 HG Hero: Jude (8 months)
I was diagnosed with HG when I was 7 weeks pregnant and suffered right up to and through my labour. I was hugely lucky to have a brilliant GP who supported me the whole way. I used t…

The Wild Women Training so far...

So we all know roughly how to prepare for most physical challenges, right? Going to run a race, prepare to run more. Research ways to improve and you're on the right path, it's all quite simple. But when you are faced with something like the Wild Women challenge, where an earth do you start? There are so many components that you have to prepare for.
This challenge is rapidly approaching and our ladies are gettting well and truly stuck in to their training, this is what a few of them have been up to... 
Sadie - Hiking Sadie has stared hiking, regularly hiking the 300m, 6km hill behind her house and most recently the 725m, 11.5km hill Beinn Dubh. When Sadie isn't able to get out hiking you will find her on her treadmill on the hilliest setting and even working out whilst cooking - now that's dedication!

Susie - Swimming & Kayaking 

Susie Aka Diary of a Charity Chick is incredibly fit and active, recently she has completed the Big Welsh Swim and has also been kayaking as …

How to mentally prepare for a survival challenge...

The first thoughts for many that read about the Challenge these wild women have agreed to take on, are the physical aspects forgetting about the willpower they will have to sustain mentally to get them through.

"Preparation for a wilderness expedition, such as the one Caitlin and Emma will be undertaking, requires both physiological and mental preparation. Most people have a good idea of how to prepare physically for challenges, such as hiking up mountains, abseiling, or rafting. The internet is full of advice on how to increase your physical strength with weight lifting or your cardio-vascular health with running or cycling training plans. However..."

Dr Sarita Robinson has written a guest blog post all about survival psychology for wild women challenge. Click the link below to read more...

Introducing Wild Women Claire & Carrie-anne

Claire Sceeny 
Age: 42
HG Heroes: Iris (8) & Dilys (5) 

I had HG in both my pregnancies.  In my first I was signed off work for the majority of the pregnancy.  I suffered dreadful insomnia because the nausea was so intense, and my eating was limited to one or two safe foods.  I vomited several times a day and retched constantly.  I avoided hospital in this pregnancy and was told I was lucky despite missing out on months of normal life.    I was not as ‘lucky’ second time round, the vomiting was far worse and I was hospitalised 3 times.  It took 7 different antiemetic pills before I could function at all.  I struggled to eat or drink and I was still mainly bedridden.   I missed 8 months of my older daughter’s life while I lay in one room, dehydrated and lonely.  My baby came a month early and she was underweight.  I found it very hard to come to terms with the guilt of this and the feeling that I had neglected my older child.  Almost 6 years later I can see how strong I was and this c…