Appreciation by Katrina

Every day I look at Scott and Griffin (my husband and son) and I feel so thankful to have our little family. I'm so proud of how far we have come and how strong we have become.

I smile every morning when I walk into the kitchen with Griffin, the most feared room in the house during HG. Oh the kitchen, for some reason during HG I found my kitchen had a particular smell, one that I just couldn't describe but would instantly cause me to vomit if the door was ever left open. I remember coming home from the hospital with Griffin, the first thing I did was walk into the kitchen, I just needed to find out if the smell was still there. I couldn't understand where this strange smell had gone, it wasn't there anymore. It still amazes me to this day how HG could do such strange things to my sense of smell!

I can't help but laugh when I think back over some of the extremes Scott had to go through during HG. There were three key foods that I could not smell without throwing up, these were potato, onion & garlic. I remember one of my hospital admissions very well as there was a man sat with his wife five beds across from me, he had brought a chip butty with him from the fish & chip shop. I cannot begin to describe the overwhelming smell of potato.... Who knew potato could be feared so much? Scott would eat his meals on the doorstep or sat by the kitchen window with it wide open, and he would avoid garlic, onion and potato because I could smell it on him for days after. He had to shower in baby body wash that was fragrance free because just about any smell could turn my stomach. Over the last sixteen months it has helped us both to look back and laugh at these things that seem so extreme now.

It was this experience that has inspired me to join the Nine Months Of campaign. And just like during my pregnancy, I'm relying on support from others to help me achieve my goal, only this time it is to raise as much money and awareness for PSS  as possible so that they can help many more women. I've already had lots of support and I'd like to say thank you to Laura Burton, Nan Porter and my mum Denise Wallbridge for your sponsorship and your support.

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