Bunny Bumpkin by Crysta

We are almost three weeks into our nine months of campaign and we have got off to a flying start. Our kids lunch bags are proving very popular in preparation for back to school.

Butterfly Swirl Bag with Drinks Bottle

Vintage Football Bag with Drinks Bottle

In just under three weeks we have sold thirty vintage football lunch bags and forty six butterfly swirl lunch bags making a total of seventy six lunch bags. As we donate 10% of the sales price for every item sold this means we have donated £76 to PSS in this period. Thank you to our customers, we hope your children will love them! Your donations are going to such a good cause.

As it’s still the holiday period I can’t help but think back to the time of my first pregnancy and my very first experience of hyperemesis. We had travelled to the South of France for what was meant to be a week of sunshine, relaxation and a glass (or two!) of the local wines. 

Bayonne and Birarritz

I had found out I was pregnant just before the trip (so the wine idea went straight out of the window!). Within a couple of days of arriving at the site, the sickness arrived like a tidal wave. So much for “morning sickness”. My sickness started with a vengeance every day from about 2 o’clock in the afternoon; I spent every afternoon lying on the sofa or with my head in a sick bowl. The neighbours must have thought that there was a holidaymaker who just couldn’t handle their drink in the caravan next door. I worried how I would make it home on a plane and spent the end of the holiday fretting (in between throwing up) as to just how I was going to make it home. Luckily we had an early morning flight back. Within a week or so of being home I was admitted to hospital for intravenous fluids, medication and bed rest and so the long journey of hyperemesis began.

We are now starting to think about which product we should launch next month for PSS. Perhaps something for new born babies and a practical item for Mum? Watch this space and spread the word!!!

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