Chicken Fried Rice by Muma Dean

When I was pregnant with my second child I had a brief moment in which I craved chicken fried rice, a dish that I hadn't actually eaten in years due to ethical objections to battery farmed chicken, as used by most local takeaway venues. So my wonderful husband endeavoured to make me some from scratch using ethically sourced free-range chicken; he even served it in a takeaway container!

Since then it has become a family favourite and the recipe has developed and improved over the years. It is easy to make and adapt to your own taste, although it can create rather a lot of washing up. It can be tricky to feed more than about 5-6 people, unless you make it with other dishes such as singapore noodles and spicy beef (recipes to follow).

You can use prawns instead of chicken and I often use pork; slow braising a belly of pork in soy sauce diluted with water, star anise, garlic and sugar and then shredding it for use in this dish.

The following recipe is for 5 people; you need a large pan or wok. It is easier to make for fewer people!


500g of boiled basmati rice
A couple of chicken breasts sliced into little pieces (or prawns etc)
4 or 5 spring onions chopped
A small tin of sweetcorn, or a cup of frozen sweetcorn
A cup of frozen peas (or fresh!)
4 or 5 eggs
Soy sauce... lots!
About 4 teaspoons of sugar
Some salt


Whisk up the eggs with a big pinch of salt and fry, chopping it up with the spatula as it cooks. Keep going until it turns brown and a little crispy. Put this to one side. (I do it like this because my youngest can't have egg so I take her portion out at the end before mixing the egg in... it's easier that way).

Fry up the chicken with the sugar and a good splash of soy sauce; keep frying it until it is glazed by the soy sauce/sugar and deliciously sticky. Continue adding soy sauce as required to get a good dark colour. Then chuck in the spring onions for a couple of mins.

Next, add the cooked rice, sweetcorn, peas and cooked egg, and mix it all up. Keep frying until it's just right. Add more soy sauce and/or salt as required.

Then serve!

If I am cooking this for lots of people, rather than frying the rice, which is tricky in larger quantities, I do it in a big bowl as a sort of salad. I wouldn't fry the onions and just place them in raw,  I would also chop up some cucumber and shred up some iceberg lettuce to complete this dish: If I make that version in the next few weeks, I'll add a picture of that too. This recipe is easy enough to make for 10+ people.

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