First Blog Ever! by Katrina

After spending nine months confined to my bed or a hospital bed with relentless vomiting and nausea we have decided to set a family challenge to walk 9k every month for nine months. Whilst suffering with Hyperemesis Gravidarum i couldn't walk a single step without someone holding me up. HG is a cruel illness that takes so much away from you, but gave Scott and I so much more with our beautiful boy!

Our HG hero, Griffin, is 15 months now and very close to walking so I'm sure he will do his best to join in! We are hoping to visit somewhere different for each walk. There will be lots of updates and pictures from the three of us too!

If you'd like to sponsor us that would be wonderful and greatly appreciated by all of us at Pregnancy Sickness Support. You can find the link to our fundraising page here.

Katrina, Scott & Griffin

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