First day of the campaign by Katrina

Well yesterday was the official launch date for the Nine Months Of campaign, and what an exciting first day it was! Sponsorships are already coming in, thank you to Ben Hutchinson, one of Griffin's godfathers; Heather Miranda, a fellow PSS volunteer; and also Preyesh Lala, one of Scott's new colleagues. I've also arranged an interview with our local newspaper, neither of us have done an interview before and must admit I am a little nervous, however very excited!

I've spent some time this morning reflecting over the past two years and how far our little family has come. Scott and I married on April Fools Day of all days in 2011, on the day straight after signing our marriage certificate we both also signed name change deeds, we decided to share each others names and become "the Wallbridge-Nichols family", this was just the start of our plans together, we were also planning to have children at this time, two ideally, but obviously we knew nothing of HG...

You see everyone tells you that once your baby is in your arms you forget the horrors of your pregnancy, but my pregnancy was no ordinary pregnancy.... Just imagine vomiting 20-40 times every single day continually for eight months straight, nausea so extreme your body is practically paralysed. Lying there in bed at home or at hospital all day and night, scared to breathe in too deeply incase it causes you to vomit again. So weak you are completely dependant on others. every minute feels like an hour and you cant understand why those people that are meant to care and friends never contact you anymore. you feel so alone, so isolated and so frightened.

unfortunately I struggled to find health professionals that knew much about HG and often found myself in hospital with nurses shouting at me and forcing me to drink more water, which i would just vomit straight back up causing so much more pain. When the HG was over along came PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, another lonely and misunderstood condition to deal with. You do survive, you do get through it all, but it does change you, it makes you stronger, and you never ever forget a single tiny detail. Scott and I didn't have the easiest first two years of marriage, but we got through it all together and it has made us stronger.

I sit here now watching Griffin playing, laughing and smiling, and my heart melts. I still to this day watch him and wonder how is it possible that a little person so precious, loving, funny and gorgeous can be ours, can have survived the horrors of HG!

After Griffin was born Scott and I were certain we would not have anymore children, we accepted we just couldn't go through all that again. But then something happened.... I found Pregnancy Sickness Support. The charity has a wealth of knowledge around HG and so much wonderful support. They have lots of information and advice for couples that are wanting to extend their family and try again. PSS and Griffin being just his amazing adorable self are the two reasons we feel that maybe, just maybe we can consider another some day...

Well we are planning our first walk which will be this Sunday 11th August. We have decided to walk the Haworth Moor & Top Withins walk first, so we will be visiting the "Wuthering Heights Moor". We plan to take lots of photos so we will be sharing the details with you all when we return!

Don't forget to check out our fundraising page. If everyone donated just 50p it would be so amazing!

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