Here we go... by Marilisa

Swim. Bike. Run. Panic. Whose idea was this, anyway? For the next nine months, I will be attempting to train for a triathlon for the first time. I can hardly run for a bus, have dodgy knees, haven't been on a bike in over five years, and cause traffic jams in the slow lane of the pool, so this is not exactly a natural choice for me.

I know, though, that however hard it is, it will still be easier than dealing with nine months of hyperemesis gravidarum. While I was pregnant, even stepping out of the front door was a challenge; I was physically weak and exhausted from constant nausea, and felt isolated and often misunderstood.

Pregnancy Sickness Support offers invaluable help to women dealing with pregnancy sickness and their families, and helps to raise awareness and understanding of the condition. I hope that putting myself through the challenge of a triathlon will help raise awareness and funds for Pregnancy Sickness Support to continue their vital work.

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