Nine months of getting fit... My reasons why by Emilie

When planning our second pregnancy my husband and I discussed how I may be sick again, like I was with Fergus (Now 3), but even if I was I would carry on working right up till I was due. I would also remain eating healthily, I would still walk the 20 mins to work and back every day and make it to the pool for a swim when I could.

Pah! Fools!

I found myself feeling nauseous within a week of officially trying and the day after the positive pregnancy test I remember sitting at my desk at work and reading my emails. This was making me feel worse, so I thought I would make a cup of tea... That came out of my nose no sooner had it hit my stomach! Initially I thought 'ooooooh, I'm officially pregnant now!' and I was a little excited through the constant sicky feeling. I managed to keep it to myself for a day or so (or so I thought!) sneakily running to the loo when I was needing to be sick, until I was too exhausted to carry on. I was in the works kitchen one morning making a cuppa before starting work and I just felt rubbish and poor Shirley, who was also making tea at the same time, had to cope with me in floods of tears, crying for my mum - Lucky for her another girl came in who was far more qualified to cope with this kind of situation! I went home half way into the morning, my husband came to pick me up in his works van and I couldn't speak to him through the nausea. I got home, went straight to bed and slept for the rest of the day.

We were due to go to Wales for a big family holiday the following week for my parents 30th wedding anniversary and my Dads 60th. I managed to make it down there! But that was all I managed. The nausea took over while I was there and I barely made it out of the cold darkened room we were sleeping in, I have no idea how we made it back up the road to Glasgow!

Once back the sickness had well and truly got a grip and nothing was staying down, the smallest sip of water would cause me to vomit so hard there was streaks of blood in the phlegm and bile I was bringing back up. I was signed off work 5 weeks into my pregnancy, I was admitted to hospital at 8 weeks for IV fluids due to dehydration, then again at 12 weeks, it was only then I was prescribed the anti sickness tablets that helped to keep the sickness under control. I was admitted to hospital for IV fluids once with Fergus back in 2009 and I continued to be sick throughout the entire pregnancy with him but not once was I diagnosed with having Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). Luckily I was diagnosed with this on my first trip to my GP at 5 weeks pregnant, straight away Richard (Wonderful Hubby) got on the internet and found Pregnancy Sickness Support (PSS), I got in touch around 7 weeks pregnant and from then on I received the support and help I needed to be able to see this pregnancy through.

I had days where I wanted to give up and screamed at Richard to end it all, I was so dehydrated at times I didn't have any tears to cry and I had such little strength I couldn't hold my own body weight. I made it into the sitting room one day (forgetting to take my sick bucket!) but couldn't make it back to my bed, I laid on the floor for around 4 hours waiting for Richard to come home to help me back. I lost 3 1/2 Stone by the end of the first trimester.

I received daily support from Heather, a volunteer from Pregnancy Sickness Support, until after Murphy was born. She gave me the strength to get through every day and prevented me from feeling so alone and isolated. We tell Murphy that she is his fairy god mother because I honestly couldn't tell you if he would be here if it wasn't for Heather and her tremendous support and advice. This is the reason why I now volunteer for Pregnancy Sickness Support and why I am taking part in this campaign to raise money and awareness for the charity. I hate the thought of any new mum to be feeling so poorly, alone, isolated and misunderstood at what should be one of the most happiest and exciting times of their lives.

I wanted to keep fit and have a healthy pregnancy but HG stole that from me, this is why I have decided to get fit for my 'Nine months of...' challenge. As part of my challenge I am setting myself a weight loss target, I'm hoping to be able to run a 5k, leading on to 10k and will be completing at least one hill walk a month. My ultimate goal is to, at the end of it, be able to walk the West Highland Way with my husband.

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