Our first walk & newspaper interview by Katrina

Sunday we embarked on our first 9k walk, to be honest I was worried that a 9k walk every month didn't seem like much, but after today I think we have realised that it is actually quite hard work for those of us that have become seriously unfit!

We chose Haworth Moors for our first walk, Wuthering Heights. This got me thinking that maybe during these nine months it would be interesting to walk to somewhere related to Charlotte Bronte as she herself is alleged to have suffered from HG and died from this during her pregnancy.

Well as for the weather we were pretty happy with it, we were caught in some rain, but the clouds and grey sky kept the hot sun away which was a relief! We are very new to walking and weren't really prepared very well today, I think we will be investing in rain costs, walking boots and a map before next next month!

Griffin slept through most of the walk, he was safely strapped in his carrier, I couldn't walk up the hills carrying him so Scott took over this duty for the duration of the walk! It was a circular walk around the moors, we also made it up the hill to Wuthering Heights to visit the ruins of a house, this is supposedly the area of the moors where the story Wuthering Heights was based.

We were all very tired Sunday night which is why it has taken me so long to update you all, but we thoroughly enjoyed it and we are looking forward to next month, hopefully we will be better prepared!

Yesterday we also had our first newspaper interview, the interview was to talk about our experience with HG and also this nine months of campaign. Look out for the article soon, it will be in The Spenborough Guardian, and we'd just like to say thank you to Lauren for all her help.

Also a big thank you to our two most recent sponsors Helen Wood, Griffin's Godmother and to Catherine Lightowler. We really appreciate your support!

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