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Yesterday was a very exciting day for us, our first newspaper interview had been published in our local paper, Spenborough Guardian. A lovely reporter for the paper, Lauren Ballinger, came to speak to us a couple of weeks ago to find out more about our HG journey and the ninemonthsof campaign. We are thrilled with the article and would like to give a huge thank you to Lauren for making it possible for us to spread more awareness about HG, the ninemonthsof campaign and the continued support to come over the next nine months. You can view the article here.

This weeks newspaper also had more exciting news inside for us, my nephew Zak's GCSE results. You may wonder why this is relevant, but Zak and I have always being close, he's more like my baby brother. I was 15 when he was born and I was ecstatic to hear after his birth "it's a boy!" So excited that the first thing I did was rush to Valley Parade to buy his first Bradford City kit... 16 years later and he hates football! Can't blame me for trying though!

When I was suffering with HG and Scott was at the football with my brother Ian, Zak would come and sit with me. (The only time in my life I was glad Zak didn't like football!) I would be laid on the sofa hugging a sick bowl and he would sit there for hours talking to me about school, ice hockey, his Playstation games.... He didn't mind that I barely spoke back. He would bring me anything I needed and just sit there so I wasn't alone. Once my baby bump started to show, Zak decided to give me the nickname "Podgy" This always made me smile, despite how ill I was feeling he never treat me any differently, he still made fun of me and played pranks on me. It really helped me to believe that I was still in there somewhere. This may not seem like much, but to me it was everything, there is nothing worse than being alone when you feel so ill. So I just want to say well done to Zak for how well he has done with his GCSE's and also to say just how proud we all are of him. I am so proud that Zak is one of Griffin's amazing godparents, and thank you again for all your support through the HG.

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