The Beginnings of a Beautiful Blanket by Amanda

Well it's day 2 of the campaign (or week 4 for me) which means I thought it would be a good time to write a quick update on what's been happening with my hook!

Do you remember that wonderful yarn donation from Black Sheep Wools? Here's a little reminder...

That's 30 balls of the truly delicious Sublime Baby Cotton Kapok DK which is currently on offer over at Black Sheep Wools if you fancy grabbing some for yourself. It truly is sublime in both colour and texture and is an absolute joy to work with. 

After much searching and deliberation I decided to make a blanket following the Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket pattern my dear friend (and crochet guru) Jen recommended for me over on Ravelry. Even though the pattern calls for Worsted/Aran weight yarn, Jen reassured me that using a smaller hook and DK yarn would be fine. I love having a friend who knows so much about crochet!

Anyway, the next step was choosing the colours. I went for a mix of neutral and blue shades so that the blanket would be lovely for a boy or girl (because the pinks really are pink but the blues blend in so beautifully with the greens, greys and purples in the mix).

Here's what I managed on my first day with this pattern:

Not bad, huh?

This took me just over an hour and I took it with me to work today. I knew I would be finishing work a few hours earlier than my lift home and instead of wasting an hour on the bus I decided to perch myself in a quiet corner after "home time" and work on the crochet instead.

It was a good idea, because look at how much more I managed to get done in my second hour on the blanket...

I decided to move away from the 5 rows per colour as the crochet pattern calls for, as I do love a good bit of randomness to these kinds of things. And I think it is working quite well, don't you think? It's always a little bit tricky when you begin something like this as you're never quite sure how the colours will really work together, but I have to say I am loving this so far!

I am a little worried about how the blanket is ruching up... it is an issue I have had with ripple blankets before and must be something to do with my technique. But good old Jen came to my rescue with a suggestion (which I have yet to fully understand and try) to see if I can fix this. I can't wait!

So, that's where I'm at right now. Working on a blanket and quite enjoying it. Big projects like blankets can be pretty daunting at times as they take so much longer to complete. And yet there is something uniquely special about working on something like this. Once you get into the swing of the pattern there is far less counting involved than on smaller, shaped items. And you know that each stitch is making something that will be treasured for years to come. You can't beat that feeling, you really can't.

I'd love to know what you think to this blanket. Don't forget it will be going up for sale next May in an auction, with 100% of the final sale price going direct to Pregnancy Sickness Support. So if you like the look of it make sure to swing by when it goes on sale. And if you fancy either donating some yarn or sponsoring me during my nine months of crochet then I shall be so very grateful. Black Sheep Wools have a selection of gift cards which are perfect for helping me keep my yarn stash flowing for all the projects I have in mind. And you can sponsor me via BT Donate below.

Thank you.

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