True friends will do anything by Emilie

I've managed to recruit my amazing friend, Lindsay, for my next hill walk! We've decided to go up Ben A'an on Saturday. According to Richard, this walk is easier than the last, but I think I'll be the judge of that!

I've been finding it hard to fit any training in this week: with Fergus going back to nursery and having my mother-in-law's and brother-in-law's birthdays, I've been distracted and busy with sorting the presents and baking the cakes, while still fitting in the nursery run. It's amazing how a 30 year old suddenly turns into a child when he cuts into a rainbow cake! The look on his face was amazing!

I had my first weigh in on Friday, I managed to shed 3lbs.... I was so pleased until I had a slice of the rainbow cake and realised that that would probably be the 3lbs straight back on. It was so incredibly yummy though, Kenny's lucky he went home with it! 

Lindsay is amazing in so many ways. She really helped and supported me through my most dark days with HG. I could not have done it without her. There are very few people who I can say were there for us when we needed them, which I find very difficult to write. Unfortunately my family live hours away and Richard doesn't have a big family, so with his mum being restricted by ferries, as she lives on an island, we were really needing our friends. Well, I think we definitely found out, the hard way, who our friends are.

Lindsay was an angel - she was the first person I told about the pregnancy. I can remember sitting on the sofa and telling her I was pregnant and asking her if she could help if I fell ill again. She was excited and said 'of course'. I don't think she truly knew what she was letting herself in for! 

Lindsay became a second mum to Gus, she took him out for days out so I could get some rest, she came round to cook him dinner while I spent the time with my head in the sick bucket, she'd tuck him into bed when I couldn't manage it and, come the end, she more less became my escort. Every time I left the flat, 95% of the time she would come with me. I honestly needed her help and could not have managed without her.

I have friends that I grew up with, that I love to pieces and hold very dear. I know they would have done the same if I hadn't moved so far away, but they kept in touch regularly and it was enough to keep me going.

HG is so lonely and depressing. I'm lucky to have friends like Lindsay and the girls at home, and even through all that, Lindsay's willing to hike up hills with me now! What a cracker! 

Lindsay with Murphy a couple weeks old.

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