Week 1 – Pecan and apple tart by Sophie

After a hastily-penned first blog, now is a good time to better introduce myself, husband Tom and daughter Merryn. My interest and support for PSS is due to many different reasons: firstly as I watched my good friend Caitlin struggle bravely through three pregnancies with severe HG and become passionate about supporting and helping women with their own battle and educating health professions to ensure better care is given to other HG sufferers; also as a healthcare worker myself I have been interested in finding out more information so I can provide better care. Little did I know that this time last year I was about to embark upon my own journey of pregnancy sickness and use the support of the PSS network myself. Tom, who supported me throughout the tough times, and I are now able to enjoy our beautiful smiley 3-month-old daughter Merryn but are all too aware of the physical and emotional strain that HG causes.

For our first weeks’ bake for nine months of we chose a pecan and apple tart. We were entertaining Tom’s sister and her partner (down from Manchester) and my cousin and her husband joined us for dinner on Saturday night. Cousin Charlie often brings dessert so we asked if they could just bring their lovely selves and donate money for the tart! Merryn and I did the shopping on the Thursday before the arrival of guests, then after being out for the day on Saturday Tom and I did a team effort on the baking front – whilst Auntie Ellen entertained little Merryn. We had a lovely meal, Merryn slept beautifully, the tart went down a storm and donations were made! It’s always a gamble to serve something you have never cooked before but it worked well and I would certainly bake it again. If you like the look of the dish – or any subsequent creations – and would like a go yourself, please post a request for the recipe and, if you can, make a small contribution at the same time!

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