Week 2: Birthday Brownies by Sophie

When we embarked upon this challenge we realised we might have to be a bit inventive as to where we will sell our baking. Especially in the first few weeks with me on maternity leave and Tom, my husband, being a student and on holidays!

Thankfully, this week cousin Charlie stepped in to help us out again. It was her birthday and instead of buying cakes to take into her office she asked us to bake for her and donated the money she would have spent to PSS. Charlie requested our tried and trusted brownies which have become famous and well-loved by our circle of friends. The brownies are often our "go to" recipe if suddenly we need to take cakes somewhere.  We had not intended to use them so soon into the campaign so I am sure they will feature again soon! Time-wise this week we were on a bit of a schedule to get them to Charlie in time and our little daughter Merryn was not her chirpy, happy self this week (maybe teeth are on their way). Therefore amazing Tom did the baking as I lay pinned to the sofa by Merryn!

Daddy and Merryn Blogging!
This time last year we were still unaware of the journey we were about to embark upon and what impact pregnancy sickness can have both physically and mentally: a few days later everything changed. The challenge of baking for 9 months will hopefully be easier than those we faced last year, but Merryn is the best ever bun in the oven for me!

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