Week 2: "I'll just stay in the shade..." by Helen

Nine months of 9k Week 2 – Location: Leatherhead Leisure Centre

This week Rich, Anna and I are in the midst of chaos as we attempt to decorate the entirety of our new house before we move in next week, *stress*, and so our 9k walk had to stay local. After much consideration, we agreed that a walk to pass by our local Leisure Centre would be appropriate as week 2 of pregnancy consisted of nothing but leisure, relaxation and general well being! More exciting locations will follow… after we have moved into our new home!

Nine months of HG Week 2 – “I’ll just stay in the shade…”

“I am ROASTING!” was the phrase of week 2. We were in St Lucia so of course it was hot but no one else was overheating and guzzling water like a crazed lunatic.  I seemed to spend most of my time either in the shade with a cold flannel over my face (scented with lavender, no less) or drenching myself head to toe (and those in the vicinity) with water in every bathroom I came across. That week I mostly took the appearance of a drowned rat.

We visited the Capital, Soufriere, to take a dip the hot sulphur springs and enjoy a mud bath, which was heaven despite a hint of nausea that I attributed to the overwhelming stench of the sulphur. The next day Rich’s dad chartered a boat to take us fishing in the (choppy!) Caribbean Sea. The lurking nausea crept back once more but this time I put it down to a combination of diesel fumes and lolloping waves. I plastered my nose in fragrant hand wipes, caught a barracuda, drank a beer and felt much better! That evening as everyone tucked into the fish we had caught during the day, I nibbled on bread and wondered why I was the only loser suffering from lingering seasickness.

Opening pressies before dinner. 

The award for Outstanding Moment of Week 2 goes to the evening of Rich’s dad’s 60th birthday. Still feeling overheated, tired and queasy, I opted for a light meal. I sipped delicately on a small glass of wine (very out of character for me!), I enjoyed a lovely salad for starter and to my relief I felt pretty good! Later my vegetable-based main course was placed in front of me and… WOAH!  A Caribbean Sea-sized wave of nausea hit me like a ten tonne truck. My stomach somersaulted and belly-flopped onto the floor. Shocked, I swallowed a retch, took a deep breath and attempted a bite of my dinner. “Um, I feel a bit queasy *swallow retch* I think I’ll just nip to the loo. Er, Rich, can you, erm, come with me?” I all but ran to the bathroom, curled myself over the toilet bowl, retched and retched then vomited a little. Rich followed and asked if I was OK. I replied, “I've just been sick. I think I'm pregnant.”

Needless to say I could not eat my meal which was a wonderfully humiliating situation in itself only to be spectacularly surpassed moments later by a visit from the head chef asking me what was wrong with his cooking. *cringe*

This was just 2 weeks and 6 days into pregnancy. She was barely even attached. Just a minuscule bunch of multiplying cells quietly wreaking havoc in a tiny corner of my body. Start as you mean to go on, I suppose!

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