Week 3: In which not much progress happens by Marilisa

I had great plans for this week, but we were overtaken by illness. First the toddler, then me. I'd even taken some time off work to relax and get in some good training, but it didn't quite work out that way.

Looking at the blogs of my comrades in this mad adventure I see it's not been a good week health wise for many of us. This morning I was able to chat to my fellow Pregnancy Sickness Support volunteers about how ill I've been feeling (nausea, for me, as for many women who have been through HG, can trigger some pretty awful memories) and I found it hugely reassuring to know that they understand. I didn't find PSS until long after I'd had the baby, but I can imagine how incredibly helpful it would have been to have had that support then. This is one of the big reasons for getting involved in this campaign - I want Pregnancy Sickness Support to be able to continue to offer this valuable support and reach out to even more women going through what can be a very isolating experience.

In the days between illnesses I did manage to fit in some training, above and beyond the normal business of running after a very busy small boy.

Training hard for the 100m pushchair dash.
I had some determined words with my nemesis and actually found the cycle easier this week - though still a very long way to go. My one swim was glorious in that I had the whole lane to myself for most of the session. I got some more opportunity to practise my front crawl, and found, somewhat to my surprise, that my arms and legs can actually go faster than my breathing and stamina can keep up with! I was seriously gasping for breath at the end of lengths. I'm pretty sure I still look like a floundering fish, but at least I'm moving in a forward direction, so I must be doing something right.

I also had the slightly misguided idea of walking home from the swimming pool on a Sunday night through a very poorly lit and rather deserted area... maybe the adrenaline made me move faster, though!

And of course there's the best part of training: what we call "refuelling" in the trade.  Otherwise known as "what a good excuse for some tasty snacks!"

Not pictured: ginormous chocolate brownie.
The boring numbers...

Week 3:

Swim - 1 session, 400m, 18mins.
Bike - 1 session, 1.1km, 12 mins.
Walk - 2 sessions, 6.02km total, 1h 6mins

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