Week 3 - "Just an orange juice please"... by Helen

Nine months of 9k Week 3 – Location: London Calling!

Anna and I took the day off new-house-based hard labour and headed into London for this week’s 9k effort. After twiddling our thumbs in Waterloo station’s Costa for over an hour waiting for the rain to ease, we set off to see some sights! As you can see, Anna had the time of her life.

The London Eye - Enthralled.

Big Ben - Amazed. 

Downing Street - Astounded.  

Trafalgar Square - Thrilled. 

Woke up for the main event; lunch. 

Nine months of HG Week 3 – Free wine!? Just an orange juice, please.

After week 2’s outstanding performance, I lay sheepishly low in week 3. I read my books in the shade, had early nights and swapped wine for water whilst everyone else lounged in the gorgeous Caribbean sun and stayed up late drinking wine. Despite the spectacular dash to the restaurant toilet,  sensitivity to heat and the inability to get into my new shorts (too many rum punches!?) I wasn’t entirely convinced I was pregnant. However, when I was offered a glass of wine one evening, the very thought of it turned my stomach and I knew something was very wrong! This is how good I looked in week 3… rough.

We flew home to London during week 3 and I just could not get comfortable in my spacious, upper deck, leather premium economy seat with free alcohol on tap. Ridiculous! I vowed to take a pregnancy test as soon as we got home!

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