Week 3 - Lemon Cake and Baby Massage by Sophie

This time last year I was also about 3 weeks into a much longed-for pregnancy, but thoughts of having a baby or getting pregnant had been put to the back of my mind for a while as I was in the middle of revising for a major post graduate exam and thought that it "might happen" once the exam was out the way! At the time I was staying at my parents where my Mum always has a cake in the oven and they suddenly became a bit unappealing, I put the waves of nausea down to exam stress and nerves and thought very little more about it. At this point I never would have imagined that a year later I would be baking a lemon cake to raise money for PSS and selling it at my baby massage class with little Merryn!

I chose Lemon cake with lemon sugar topping as it is one of Mum's classics and thought it was quite fitting as it was probably the cake that I turned down last year and could now happily eat a very big piece! The cake-making this week took a bit longer than planned due to a number of calls to Mum (aka "Super Gran") to check the recipe - and Merryn taking a dislike to the food mixer!

Everyone at baby massage was very generous with their donations and their support was gratefully received! Thank you x

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  1. This looks lovely, lemon cake is on the list for the weekend now :)

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