Week 1: A Twinkle In Daddy's Eye by Helen

Week 1 of 9k – Location: Epsom General Hospital

On considering a location for Anna and me to complete our first 9k, it made sense to start our “Nine Months Of…” mission where our last one ended! So here we are at Epsom General where we had some of our worst experiences with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (to be revealed in graphic detail!) but also some of our best moments as a new little family.

Week 1 of HG – Just a twinkle in Daddy’s eye

Week 1 of pregnancy was…well, totally unknown to us all, obviously! We were headed to beautiful St Lucia for a fabulous holiday with Rich’s family. We packed our bags, had wine for breakfast*, boarded a massive plane, swigged free alcohol, watched movies and larked around at 33,000ft before easing ourselves gently into “Island time” with a welcome cocktail and cheeky dip in our private pool sandwiched between the Pitons! And so the week continued with much of the same… Ahhh!

* I stand by my strongly held belief that airports do not have time zones.

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