Back to the Drawing Board by Sara

9 months of smiles....

OK, so here I am having decided to join this amazing team of ladies all doing some amazing challenges to help raise funds and awareness for PSS. I’m a little behind the rest of the ladies as I didn’t want to commit to something until I had a better idea of what my work load was going to be like this year (I’ve just started my first teaching job....eeek!!) and sat here now looking at my timetable and the amount of assignments I am going to have to mark (I’m teaching at a sixth form college) I am wondering where I am going to find this ‘spare time’ I need. This is on top of promising myself that I would make time for some sort of hobby – giving me definite time away from teaching, cooking, cleaning and shopping (I hate shopping by the way). 

So... I have decided to practice what I preach and ‘work smart’ by combining this new hobby malarkey with raising awareness (and hopefully some funds) for PSS. I have been saying for a long time now, that I wished I had continued with art when I left school as I loved having the chance to be creative and produce unique and abstract artwork (I’m not such a fan of still life drawing, and definitely cannot draw faces!). With this in mind, I started to wonder whether I could produce anything worth selling and I’m still not entirely sure I can! But, I am willing to give it a shot.

So now I had to think what it was I am going to produce, what is it that I was actually any good at all those years ago, and looking through some of my old GSCE work it confirmed what I already knew – I cannot draw faces. Well at least not ones which resemble the person they belong to! But, I was pleasantly surprised by some of my more abstract work that has been hiding in various boxes in the loft for over 15 years. I found all sorts of bits and bobs that I had played around with, developing my ideas before compiling them onto the final work. This reminded me that I couldn’t just buy a canvas and start randomly drawing shapes and merging colours together if I am going to create something worthwhile, I need to have a starting point. A concept, from which I can draw inspiration and make every mark, every colour on my work hold a purpose; a meaning.

I want my work to be positive reflections on what it means to have survived HG, to give hope and focus to those ladies suffering that there is a reason they are going through this physically and emotionally draining time Рto bring new life into their families. So with this in mind, I am going to blog about the everyday things my children say and do which make me smile, and bring laughter and fun to our family. Smiling, laughter and fun are all things which HG steals and it can be so very hard whilst trapped in the midst of it, to imagine ever feeling normal again, let alone being blissfully happy and enjoying life. So if my blog, about the obscure, and sometimes very obscure, things that my children (Samuel 7yr and Jessica 4yrs) come out, with ignites just a little spark inside those ladies currently suffering with HG, then I will happy, very happy. I will then use some of things I blog about as the inspiration for my artwork Рgiving each piece I produce a very special meaning and a reflection of what it means to have made it through HG because as clich̩ as it may sound, it truly is worth it as your children will be the most precious things in your world and they will fill it with far far more smiles, laughter and fun than HG could ever steal.

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