Birthdays, Interviews and a Little Bit of Crochet Too!

This past week has been a pretty hectic one for me, but it has all been really positive stuff so I don't mind!

On Wednesday last week I had an interview for the role of Volunteer Co-ordinator for Pregnancy Sickness Support. It was a role I was intensely interested in as I have been volunteering with the charity for a couple of years now and seen the Volunteer Network grow so much in that time and I wanted to be a part of sustaining that growth and developing it further. I'm pleased to say that I was offered the role later that same day and I began my training for it on Monday this week.

But that wasn't all that happened last week. Oh, no! You may have seen mentioned on our Twitter feed that my son, Oscar, turned 2 on Thursday. For some reason I completely forgot to mention this on my post which went out that exact same day (whoops) but at least leaving it until this week means I can share a photo or two with you from the actual day...

Birthdays are a funny time for those of us who have suffered from severe Pregnancy Sickness or Hyperemesis Gravidarum. The day of your child's birth is not only the joyful day that you meet your baby but it is also the day that you finally stop being pregnant and can begin building your strength back up (not that this is particularly easy with a newborn, but you know what I mean!)

When Oscar was born, I worried that this might always cloud over his birthdays. But actually this year I never even thought of it on the day itself. The week leading up to his birthday we remembered the intensely stressful week before his birth. I had been diagnosed with Obstetric Cholestasis and ended up staying with my parents in a completely different town to Tim so I could be monitored in the week leading up to my induction.

It's hard to imagine that this all happened just 2 short years ago, and yet it feels like a whole lifetime ago in many ways. In fact it feels almost like somebody else's life and not my own. I think I have done a fair amount of distancing myself from those memories. And yet I shall never forget the loneliness and fear that comes from suffering so terribly and not being taken seriously by the healthcare professionals who are supposed to be caring for you. And that is why I am so very pleased to be able to support the volunteers and sufferers within the charity in this new role and to build it up over the next three years!

So with all that happening, I didn't really have time to think much about the crochet. I was too busy loving this beautiful boy of mine...

I did manage to sneak in a little bit of crochet on the blanket... I cannot wait until it is finished, as it is going to look so beautiful! And I'll share more on this next week when I have more to show for my efforts!

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