Bunny Bumpkin launches second product by Crysta

Bunny Bumpkin is excited to launch our second product for the nine months of campaign where we will donate 10% of the sale price to Pregnancy Sickness Support. Here it is, an essential item for any new Mum and Baby. I found these invaluable when my babies were born and for a long time after.

Pipsy Koala 3 Pack 100% Cotton Muslins
A pack of 3 100% Cotton Muslin Cloths designed for a variety of uses for your baby. Muslin cloths get softer and softer everytime they are washed. Use as:
  • Soft comforting blanket for your baby 
  • Cloth to wipe up spills and dribbles 
  • Sheet protector if laying your baby down straight after feeding 
  • Nappy liner 
  • Shade for a pushchair or car seat 
  • The list of uses is endless - and when your baby no longer needs one, they're great for cleaning windows, straining fruit, dusters etc etc 
Pack contains 2 White and 1 x Blue or 1 x White Muslin Cloth Each cloth measures 68 x 70cms

At £7.49 per pack (with free postage in the UK), these are a good buy and their uses are endless! And £0.75 from each sale goes to Pregnancy Sickness Support!

Well the children are now back in school and 140 of them are using lunch bags where £1 from each sale has been donated to Pregnancy Sickness Support. Thank you very much to our customers who have purchased this item from us, your donations are going to such a good cause.

We are still stocking both bags and will continue to donate 10% from each sale, so if you need a lunch bag for your son or daughter, niece or nephew, friend or neighbour then please do have a look at these.
Butterfly swirl bag
Vintage football bag
We have just returned from a 10 day holiday in Northern France. The children had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It's a far cry from September 2009 and September 2011, where I spent these months in a hospital bed. The ferry crossing on the way back from France was quite choppy, but fortunately this September the nausea only lasted a few hours!

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