Creating Crochet Patterns by Amanda

This week I have been adding to my blanket (another 3 rows, yippee!) and trying my hardest to work out what on earth I was thinking when I created the pattern for these baby beanies when pregnant!

Honestly... the pattern made so much sense when I was pregnant. But now I try and follow it again I just can't. And it's my own pattern!

As you may remember, I taught myself to crochet the summer of 2006, following my graduation from uni but before I managed to secure my first job. However I didn't really get to grips with it until my pregnancy in 2011. During the second half of my pregnancy I felt well enough to concentrate on something but not really well enough to do much physically. So crochet was an excellent way to pass the day, especially as I went on maternity leave at 29 weeks!

I knew quite a few people who were pregnant around the same time as me, and so I made a fair few baby beanies that summer. And I began to notice that the patterns all had a very similar way of working out. What had once seemed like a crazily complicated system to me suddenly made sense. It was all about mathematics, working out how many stitches you needed to make a pattern of a certain type or size. And I felt confident enough to have a go at creating a pattern of my own.

And these hats were the product of that pattern.

There was a blogger I had come across a few years previously and we had been through similar health issues before. And crazily enough we both ended up pregnant at the same time and we both suffered from HG and then Cholestasis. The only difference was that she was expecting twins. And that is why I thought I'd make a matching set of hats for her babies.

I loved the idea of making the hats a similar theme but unique to each child. Forgive me for the very stereotypical use of blue and pink for a boy and a girl, but that was all I had in my stash at the time. And whilst I thought they were a little "loose" in the stitch, I loved the end result.

Fast forward to this week and I had the crazy idea that maybe I could offer this pattern up as a free download for anyone who wanted to try it, and ask for donations in return. But when I went to try it out, it just didn't seem to work the way I remembered it. I'm blaming those pesky pregnancy hormones that caused me so much trouble!

I have sent the pattern off to my "crochet guru" and am going to rework it. This does mean that progress on actual items for the auction will slow down a bit, but I can't help thinking that creating some patterns to share in return for donations might be a good way of fundraising too.

What do you think... would you try this pattern if I manage to perfect it?

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