Precious Family Time by Emma

I haven’t been blogging recently due to wanting to spend time with my family. Having Hyperemesis Gravidarum has made me appreciate my family to a whole new level. For the nine months I was suffering I disappeared. I missed out on birthdays, our first wedding anniversary, Christmas, family days out and other celebrations. I know that in the not too distant future I shall have to disappear once again when I am pregnant again. I therefore want lots of memories to keep me going during those long dark months.

Shortly after the nine months of launch I went on a family holiday to Mallorca. There were nine of us including my 6 year old nephew, 1 year old niece and my 15 month old son. This was my first holiday since HG - in fact my last holiday was a few weeks before HG kicked in.

A relaxing holiday with three children is impossible anyway yet in the back of my mind I knew I had to do some training for my Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge. So instead of taking advantage of a lie in or sleeping by the pool I decided to partake in some exercise!?!

This will come as a shock to those that know me. I am not a sporty person. Even when travelling around Australia and New Zealand I walked up a few hills, jumped out of planes and went kayaking etc but never actually went for a run! So on holiday I got up very early (in the hope of not seeing anyone) and started ‘warming up’ around the resort. However, due to the embarrassment of being spotted by my family (who would no doubt film me) I left the resort and decided to run along the main road. It had a designated cycle lane that I used. However, I was soon greeted by many runners and cyclists – who obviously all over took me.

The views were amazing and I had to resist the urge not to keep stopping to take photos. However – I wanted proof that I had managed to get up earlier than my son (an impossible task at the best of times) AND actually ran!

The plan had been to do three runs throughout the holiday. My next running morning was vetoed due to too much intake of Sangria the night before – two years of not drinking made up for in one night! The third time was over ruled because I had been for a bike ride instead. Yes you read correctly… I was on holiday and voluntarily (ish) went on a bike ride. Not just any bike ride either. I went with my energetic brother on the premise we were going to go to the next village, turn around and come back. I should have known that was not going to happen! Once at the next village he decided to take me to Formentor which was up hill. I say hill – it was a mountain in my eyes! This is where I discovered my brother is very much like my Mum. “Lets go to the next bend” he kept shouting. Amazingly he stayed with me and didn’t cycle into the distance. Luckily we were cycling along the mountain side and didn’t have any scary cliff edges to look down.

Cycling up the mountain reminded me of my HG struggle. People told me the sickness would stop at the next bend. First at 12 weeks. 12 weeks came and I was still in hospital. They told me 16 weeks. 16 weeks came and I was still vomiting 20+ times a day despite being on several anti-sickness tablets. Then they said 20 weeks…24 weeks. I gave up listening and believing from then onwards. It was an emotional roller coaster counting down to each week bench mark only to discover that HG didn’t leave me.

But my 39 weeks came (I was induced early due to Pre-eclampsia) and I gave birth to my wonderful son. HG stopped immediately. On the bike ride we went round the last bend and came to Formentor. The views were spectacular! 

Whilst at Formentor a storm cloud came over and in the distance we could see a thunderstorm in our hotel direction. It soon dawned on me that to get back to our hotel we would have to cycle down a very big hill. A few weeks previously I had gone on my first bike ride since I was 12. Part of the ride took us down a very, very small hill in our village. In fact it was so small it was the first time I realised it was a hill until I was screaming whilst cycling down it! So I had gone from screaming down a tiny hill to cycling down a mountain!

Coming down the mountain was just like my HG journey. Despite giving birth and the HG symptoms stopping, I still had a long way to go. After being couch bound for 9 months my muscles had weakened and I was still unable to walk up stairs. The swelling due to Pre-eclampsia meant I had a longer stay in hospital and my legs ballooned so walking was difficult. I had many food aversions and still couldn’t prepare food. After being ill for such a long period of time you would normally have a recuperation period. However, instead I had a newborn baby to care for. In a matter of hours I went from being dependent on my family to look after me to having a son dependent on me.

On the way down the mountain I don’t think I eased up on the brake once! I went extremely slowly. But I made it to the bottom in one piece. Here is a video of someone braver than be descending the mountain at an acceptable speed! 

According to my brothers phone we had travelled 13.45 miles and reached the great height of 904ft/275m. That seemed very high until I got home and discovered how tall the Yorkshire 3 Peaks are. The smallest is 2273ft/ 694m! Time for some serious training!

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  1. This was a fantastic read, great to see you had such a lovely time on holiday and with Hopper too! :) x


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