Spiky Pasta by Muma Dean

For the record it's called spiky pasta and not spicy pasta... although it is spicy.

It's a quick weekday meal for the family and is super yummy. You can omit the chilli if your kids don't like the heat – what we do at the moment is add chilli flakes to ours afterwards, best of both worlds! If you're veggie then replace the bacon with red pepper and a little salt.

Quantities are rather irrelevant as I'm sure people are able to work out how much is appropriate for the number of people they are cooking for, at a guess I'll go with enough for 4-5 people.


A pack of bacon, chopped into pieces, fat removed (or a red pepper chopped up if you're veggie)
An onion, diced small
Half a tube of tomato purée
A tablespoon of dried basil
About half a pint of water
A handful of fresh basil chopped up, but if you don't have this then add a second table spoon of dried basil
A fresh red chilli or dried chilli powder (as much as you like for personal taste)
A ball of mozzarella, chopped up into little cubes
400-500g of dried pasta (or fresh if you prefer) and dependent on appetite. I think Penne is particularly good with this sauce.


Soften the onion in a little oil, add the bacon and cook for a bit. Add the dried basil and chilli and stir in. Add the tomato purée and water and stir up. It should be the consistency of pasta sauce, LOL! If it's too runny add more purée, if it's too thick add more water... Simmer, lid on, while you cook the pasta:

Get the pasta boiling (Once it's at a rolling boil stir it then turn the gas/hob off and leave it for the the time on the pack with the lid on and it'll be cooked perfectly, unless it's spaghetti in which case keep it simmering).

Once the pasta is cooked stir the fresh basil into the sauce and then drain the pasta. Stir the pasta into the sauce and stir in the mozzarella.

Serve and enjoy!

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