The Pirate Family by Emilie

First off I need to apologise for my absence over the past couple of weeks. I went back to work at the beginning of September (boooooooo!) so have been trying to get used to juggling work full time and having two kids. Not easy! So what have I been up to these past couple of weeks... Well, it doesn't seem like much when I look back but I have been busy!

To help me kick start my whole 'getting into shape' I'm taking part in a six week programme aimed at new mums. This programme is still in its trial stage and I'm one of the lucky guinea pigs currently trying it! I have a diet plan to follow and a series of exercises to complete daily. I feel like I'm getting on ok; I'm weighing in weekly and have so far lost 4lbs which I'm happy with! When you put that with the 3lbs I lost at the start of the 'nine months of...' campaign, that's a good 7lbs!! Woooo! I'd be happy to keep going like this until I become a slender size 10! Pah!! As if I will EVER be a size 10!

I've also made it up another hill! I went up Ben A'an with Richard and the pup. And what an amazing hill it was! I loved it, it was so beautiful at the top, the views were amazing. 

View from the top.
I sat at the top, ate my chicken salad and texted an amazing lady I'm currently supporting through HG. This lady means a lot to me and my wee family, so it meant a lot to be able to share this experience with her. When I felt like I was dying and could barely lift my head off the pillow, she was there for me every day. It was her words of encouragement that made me decide to give myself these goals to achieve. It breaks my heart to think of her suffering now.

Half way up Ben A'an.

Richard had a graduation ceremony which we attended last Friday. It was a lovely day (albeit blinking cold!) and a great excuse to dress up all posh. The kids were all colour co-ordinated and I even put make up on! Then as soon as we got home Fergus got the treasure map and sticks (which he uses as swords) out and we became the pirate family again. This seems to be a reoccurring game with him, I say game but really it's more of a alternative lifestyle, I think. He changes his accent, we all get called by our pirate names; Pirate Mummy, Pirate Daddy, Pirate Dog, Apprentice Pirate - yes, Murphy is the apprentice. He even phones us from his imaginary pirate phone and it can last for days at a time! The only thing he hasn't quite grasped is the fact pirates like Rum... He's convinced they only drink tea! But I'll let him carry on believing that until he's at least 21! 

Fergus looking more like a pixie than a pirate.
I just love his imagination and look forward to every day with him and his brother. These memories are the memories that make suffering HG all the more worthwhile.

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