Week 4 - Muffins and Milk by Sophie

Week 4 of the challenge correlates to about week 4 or 5 of my pregnancy last year: exact times are sometimes hazy - probably as a defence mechanism to forget the ordeal of pregnancy. For me, 4-month-old Merryn, who I am so in love with, is not connected to the bump that made me feel so wretched! I guess this is nature's way of encouraging you to have more!

It was at this time that the waves of nausea - previously put down to exam stress - were getting stronger. I found myself gagging whilst brushing my teeth, both morning and night; whilst getting ready in the morning I was suddenly running to vomit. Working on a labour ward you are faced with many different odours which normally I would not react to, but I found myself heaving as I walked down the corridor. Still, I had not switched on to the fact that maybe this was pregnancy-related sickness. It sounds so daft now, given that I was still waiting for my period - and I am in the profession of looking after women with HG! I now believe that there were a few reasons for me not thinking it was this: I still had a major exam to do which could make me feel sick; I didn't want to get my hopes up of being pregnant; and being in secondary care I only saw people well into severe HG when they had been referred in - severely dehydrated from the community - so had no idea how it started off and really thought 4 weeks was a bit too early! By the Friday night I had sent Tom off to buy a pregnancy test and now one year on at the same sort of time of night we are baking muffins, trying to be as quiet as possible so as not to wake our sleeping baby, raising money for PSS - who supported me through the dark days to come.

This week my cake sale was supported by the lovely Mums at Mamas Milk - a breast feeding support group that have helped me through my post natal challenges of feeding Merryn! I hope that the chocolate and blueberry muffins went down well and would like to thank them all for their generosity!

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