Week 4 - "You're going to be a Daddy!" by Helen

Nine months of 9k Week 4 – Location: Painshill Park, Cobham

A huge thank you to Painshill Park who waived the admission fee for Anna and me to complete this week’s 9k! We did 4.5 circuits of the lake (pram-friendly route!) which drew attention from a few observant strollers who were curious about the woman with the baby who was lapping them every half an hour. Everyone who approached us was genuinely interested in what we were doing - one of the ladies had a friend whose daughter had HG three times! It’s always refreshing to speak to someone who knows what HG is and how horrific it can be. A beautiful park, a brilliant day and I highly recommend a visit to Painshill if you’ve not been there already.

Pre 9k. There will NEVER be a photo of us post 9k. Ever. 

Party in Painshill Park 


Normal service resumed. 
Also a massive thank you to Greg, Jade, Anaya, Finnley & Elsa who donated an incredibly generous £20! An enormous thank you to Laura and Rhys who donated a huge £30 between them! Finally, thank you to 8 month old Anna who appears to have donated £5 to our cause! I am terribly impressed she set up her own bank account, nicked my computer and donated all without me noticing! She's obviously terribly advanced.

Nine months of HG Week 4 – “You’re going to be a Daddy!”

Arriving back to London in early April from St Lucia was a shock to the system; instead of roasting, it was freezing! This wasn't all bad because I started to feel a little better out of the heat and in my natural habitat of biting winds and driving rain. Still, pregnancy lurked in the back of my mind and less than 24 hours after landing I was in the local Sainsbury's toilet staring at a tiny digital screen on a stick. Classy.

My little heart skipped with glee at the positive result and loitering between the paracetamol and personal hygiene, I rang Rich. “Guess what… you’re going to be a Daddy!”

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