Week 5 & 6 - Camping and Birthdays! By Sophie

Base Camp!
Weeks 5 & 6 have felt very different from weeks 5 & 6 last year - although they've been spent in similar ways, with lots of travelling and social calls. During week 5 a year ago I established I was pregnant, 3 days before my exam - which in some ways helped as it took my mind of my nerves, but I was also anxious about how I was going to be able to sit through three 3 hour exams, or even manage the train ride from Cornwall to London without vomiting. I was lucky enough to have some anti sickness tablets from my migraines in the cupboard and felt confident in taking them as I had prescribed them to many women with HG before. So I set off to London with a bag of breadsticks (as this was all I could face eating) and my anti sickness tablets. I had such mixed emotions sat on the train that day: excitement, nerves and the dread that this might be how I would feel for the next 8 months!!!!

The exam day was gruelling: nibbling breadsticks between papers and trying to time when to take the anti sickness tablets - but we made it through! In the following days I had to deal with the side effects of the medication, increasing nausea - and trying to hide the pregnancy from work colleagues and friends that had come to visit!

Would not have been able to do this last year- happy days x 
Gradually, over the next 2 weeks, the sickness got worse. I began to really struggle at work, especially when standing for hours in the operating theatre. The vomiting was worse at night and I would be awake either feeling sick or vomiting throughout the night. Sadly, this has left me struggling with insomnia that I really have not been able to shift: even when Merryn sleeps through now I am often lying awake. The tiredness and nauseous feelings became unbearable and after fainting in theatre I called the GP and asked for some more anti sickness tablets. Given my job these were prescribed to me, but only after discussion that I had really tried everything else: "eating little and often, resting, ginger, etc!". I was not given the exact medication I wanted but was given a combination that I thought might just hold at bay the vomiting and nausea. During this time it was my birthday and we celebrated by seeing my cousin for dinner who still did not know: she worked it out pretty quickly and needless to say dinner did not last long in me! We also travelled to Oxford to celebrate my best friend's little boy's 1st birthday. At the party I survived by eating carrot sticks and avoiding the chocolate cake: I was rumbled again!!

Merryn baking in PJ's!
Cookie Dough
Definitely be making these again! 

This year life has been very different. We went camping with a large group of Cornish Mamas who support our nine months of challenge by buying our cookies, lemon cake and Nutella banana bites! Camping with a 4-month-old in torrential rain was a challenge, but I slept better in a billowing tent during a thunderstorm than I did this time last year! We've also visited friends in London who I had stayed with whilst doing the exam and went to the 2nd birthday party in Oxford - where I had seconds of chocolate cake! What a difference a year makes!
My sleeping baby-snug as a bug! 
Morning cuddles x

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