Week 5: Going the distance By Marilisa

It's hard to believe we're already over a month into the challenge. When I think "nine months" I think "forever", but I'm starting to realise that's because I think of "nine months" in terms of pregnancy, and, in my case, HG. So it turns out that a month passes really quickly when you don't feel like you're dying - who knew?

In terms of training it feels like no time has passed, and that I've not done enough yet. But I'm looking at the figures and I can see that I am actually improving, at approximately the speed of a heavily-laden snail going up a very steep hill. But still! I may be far from anything anyone might call athletic yet, but I am gradually moving away from completely sedentary.

In keeping with this, this week I am very pleased to have completed the longest distance I've done so far in all three disciplines. Looking back at the numbers, I've increased my swimming distance by 50% since the start - and I'm getting much faster, too. Today I did my longest walk yet - and brought down my 5k time significantly. A quick calculation shows that my cycling distance is about 3.7 zillion times better than it was the first week, when I wasn't quite sure where the pedals were. They're all small improvements, but all moving in the right direction.

As autumn draws in, it's getting harder to get the right circumstances for training. A couple of weeks ago I was walking to the pool while it was still light; now I'm taking the bus as it's pitch-dark at the same time of day. I'm grateful to my husband for kicking me out to the pool twice this week when I just wanted to curl up on the sofa. And this morning my friend Lissa sent me a photo of a painted giraffe sculpture that's turned up near her office (a fundraiser for Colchester Zoo, it appears) - as I was short of a photo for this week's blog, I decided I would walk there after work and take a photo of one of the giraffes. That decision spurred me to take my walk even though it was raining. Here's the evidence:

Masai Giraffe! In the rain!

The boring numbers

Week 5
Swim: 2 sessions, 1100m total, 50 mins
Bike: 1 session, 3km, 16 mins
Walk: 4 sessions, 10.4km total, 1h 45mins

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