Week 5 – Planning, Preparation and Pre-emptive Pills by Helen

Nine months of 9k Week 5 – Location: Hampton Court Palace

Anna and I went on BBC Radio Surrey’s Breakfast show with James Cannon this week which was a hilarious disaster! While I attempted to tell Surrey about Nine Months Of Anna crawled around my ankles, squealed, laughed and then screamed at the top of her voice at length while the cat whinged in the background. A particularly brilliant demonstration of how not to do a radio interview. What is it they say about animals and children?

Nerves frazzled and planning emigration to another planet, we accidently did 10k this week. Another 27 degree day, we spent the cooler hours walking the grand halls of Hampton Court Palace and loitering in the manicured gardens, then in the intense midday sun we took to the Thames Path towards Kingston for our walk. Not the best plan ever made. 10k later we stumbled back to the Palace totally exhausted, wilting in the heat and desperate for a sit down. We collapsed in the shade of a tree in the gardens. Well, I did. Anna had slept the whole 10k (standard) and the minute she was released from her stroller, took off across the grass at warp factor 10. Sigh.

Ooh is this my new house!?

Excuse me, but you're in my Palace. Kindly leave. 

This is not a suitable throne. Resolve immediately. 

Time for a walk? Time for a nap. 

I shall destroy my new gardens as I see fit. Now, get me a rusk.

Thank you so much to my Mum and Dad for donating £50 this week! In week 5 of pregnancy my Mum was happily oblivious that in a week’s time she’d be flying down to London from Aberdeen to be a full-time carer for her own first-born!

Nine months of HG Week 5 – Planning, Preparation and Pre-emptive Pills

A previous encounter with HG led me to do a huge amount of my own internet trawling and research into the condition, and so planning, preparation and pre-emptive medications were on the priority list in week 5. A GP appointment was my first call and I was genuinely surprised and delighted to discover that my GP had previous patient experience of HG and was happy to support me should I need it. Tick. Second on the To Do List was the local pharmacy where I stocked up on Cyclizine and Vitamin B6 and took the first dose as agreed with my GP. Little did I know that this was the first dose of many medications to come!

Feeling pretty smug with my progress thus far and only feeling mildly queasy, I carried on as normal with great intentions of eating well, exercising and spending silly amounts of money on baby clothes. With my GP on board and already on the HG treatment pathway, I felt confident that this was going to be alright, actually. Piece of cake! Ooh cake…eating for two, yes!?

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