Week 6 - putting my feet up by Marilisa

Not huge things to report this week. I have had one very good cycling session, one good swim, and done a bit of walking. But I've also tried to listen to myself and not push too far. I'm still a novice to this whole thing, and I'm still learning what the right balance of training and rest is.

HG taught me a lot - the hard way - about limits and respecting them. I learned what a precious and fragile thing health is. I learned there is no ability you can take for granted. I learned that pushing yourself too hard can backfire and you can end up several paces behind where you were in the first place. I try to keep that lesson in mind now, though I don't always manage to follow through.

So even though my instinct is to berate myself for not doing more, I am trying to listen to the aches and the tiredness that come from the training and to pace myself accordingly. Now I just need to transfer this wisdom and self-awareness to other areas of my health - like getting enough sleep by going to bed on time. So, in an effort to practise what I preach, I'm keeping this post short, and I'm off to bed.

This post is in grave danger of becoming overly serious. Here, have some Muppet socks.
The boring numbers

Week 6

Swim - 1 session, 625m, 30 min
Bike - 1 session, 4.5km, 30 min
Walk - 2 sessions, 3.7km total, 38 min

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