Week 7 - Brownies and an amazing husband! by Sophie

I am currently sat her typing this with my beautiful little girl on my lap (one handed, so it may take me some time!). This time last year I could not have imagined that this would be the case. You would have been more likely to find me lying on the sofa with a vomit bowl looking rather green, with dents in my wrists from the pressure bands: I was now at a point where anything was tried! The anti sickness meds were stopping the vomiting a bit but I was still having the constant nausea. The only way I could describe it was like having a continuous bad hangover without the pleasure that went with it! The evenings and night-times were worse: I would get home from work, eat plain pasta and then the nausea would become overwhelming. By 2 a.m. the vomiting would start - but I think the exhaustion that came with it was worse!

I was lucky as I was self managing my meds and was able to continue to work - although that was all I was managing to do. Then I had two night shifts and was anxious of how I would cope. Surprisingly, they were fine and I felt better than I had for weeks. Then suddenly a wave of anxiety swept over me and I thought that something was wrong with the pregnancy. One minute I was happy my symptoms had gone and the next I was terrified the pregnancy had gone with it: such mixed emotions. I managed to arrange a scan fairly quickly which showed two bits of good news: I was still very much pregnant with a little beating heart and was also 8 weeks, so managed to skip a week - and every week counts with pregnancy sickness!!

15mm in size- Amazing how something so small can make you feel so ill! 
Sadly, the resolution of the sickness only lasted 2 days and then came back with a vengeance! I spent the next two days in bed unable to move without vomiting. Tom, my amazing husband, was gentle and caring as always: clearing away vomit bowls, holding my hair back and bringing me anything I felt I might be able to eat and drink. I really could not have done it without Tom. It was during these bad days I contacted Caitlin who put me on the PSS forum, which helped me feel less isolated.

One year on Tom is still supporting me and this week did all the baking and sold his brownies at university where he is training to be a primary school teacher! The students were very generous and have requested more baking on their return from school placement. x

Merryn with her amazing Daddy x 

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