Week 7 – "Do you even want the baby?" by Helen

Nine months of 9k Week 7 – Location: Stacking up the 9ks

We’re both still very poorly this week.  I’m on antibiotics and Anna’s swigging the Calpol.  Not a good time for 9k in the cold. Next week – 3 x 9k. Ouch.

Who needs an Andrex puppy...

Nine months of HG Week 7 – "Do you even want the baby?"

The new combination of antiemetics made me feel very peculiar in the head indeed!  I’d drift in and out of sleep, wake up and struggle to recall what day it was let alone if it was morning or afternoon.  The world was very swimmy and muffled and as a result I can’t really remember much of week 7.  Despite week 6’s rehydration in hospital everything went downhill very quickly and within 5 days we were stumbling back to A&E.  The lights were very bright, it was very loud and the hundreds of different smells were overwhelming.  Waiting for what seemed like hours, the same doctor from the maternity ward eventually flounced in the room and in an agitated, booming voice demanded to know why I was back so soon and did I know that I was making myself worse by not eating and drinking?  The grand finale of her spectacular display of HG ignorance; “You’re harming the baby… do you even want the baby?”

Outstanding! *applause*

Unable to communicate due to intense nausea, compounded by this madwoman’s interrogation, the less responsive I was the more irritated she got and her rant became louder and more aggressive.  She must have given up at some point and chose to impatiently stab me with needles instead, but my poor, shrivelled, dehydrated veins were cowering deep within my arms. On the third violent attempt (still have a scar on my right hand from one failed stab!) I was finally hooked up to a bag of sweet, sweet fluids. Begging for admission and stronger antiemetics, we were told they were too expensive and casually handed a blister pack of 6 Prochlorperazine tablets instead. With the bag of fluids only ¾ finished, I was swiftly discharged and essentially asked to leave.

Whilst Prochlorperazine works for some people it is essentially a step down from Metoclopramide on the treatment pathway but with no other options available we left the hospital clutching my sad little blister pack feeling very desperate and completely alone. What were we going to do!?

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  1. So sad to read Helen's experience. I know it is still early days but when she has enough strength, I would advice to contact a Supervisor of Midwives at her local hospital (the one where she was treated very poorly) and also make an official complaint to their Complaints and PALS department with a suggestion for their Midwives and Obs Doctors to use the resources on the Pregnancy Sickness Support (Hyperemesis) UK website. Demand Metoclopramide if that is what works for you Helen. If you need a group of women to go with you, let me know I am sure if we put a call out on FB and Twitter, we'll get a few hundred women to join you to visit the hospital.

  2. I am saddened that there is still such a large amount of ignorance surrounding HG.. Not just among medical professionals but in society as a whole.
    I have just recovered from my second HG pregnancy, little one now being 11 weeks old, and although things had changed slightly in my favour this time compared to last time, I still received the brunt of a midwives wrath during active Labour because I was unable to eat and drink due to the sickness which sent my ketones rocketing.

    As a student nurse I was able to fight my battles more this time round and generally got the care I needed but it wasn't without a fight. I too was told ondansatron was too expensive to prescribe but I just kept going to different doctors until I found one who would prescribe it.

    I wish you all the luck in the world, it's a very lonely illness to experience and no one will ever understand how bad you feel but it does end and you'll be much stronger for it xx

  3. Thanks guys. This is a retrospective post as I had lovely little Anna in December 2012. I've never really told anyone publically about the details of those early weeks mostly because it's impossible to describe and I struggle to find the words to do it justice! It's a lot easier to write it down so people can read if they want to... or not! I just hope that in telling our stories we can raise awareness and help a few sufferers to find strength along the way. Thanks for reading my post! :)

  4. Kirsten Somerville4 October 2013 at 00:33

    I love reading these helen, you write them so well. It sound horrendous. On the other hand, I just need to say, you do have THE most beautiful little girl in anna. Promise I'll be donating. Kirsten xx


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