Why raising awareness is so important by Katrina

I hadn't heard of Pregnancy Sickness Support during my HG pregnancy, so I had no idea how much help was actually available. The thought that I could have a support volunteer to give me one to one support, someone who has suffered HG in some way themselves who understands exactly how I am feeling, was just a dream to me at that time. To have someone with me at the hospital or at the GP surgery who knew what they were talking about, who would be strong enough to push for the best treatments for me would have being truly amazing. Even for someone who had cared for a HG sufferer in the past who could talk to my husband Scott and understand how he was feeling at the time, someone he could reach out to when he felt helpless or scared. At Pregnancy Sickness Support we have a wonderful group of support volunteers to help and support women through HG, and their carers and / partners. Our website is filled with up to date information regarding treatments, coping strategies, advice for carers, family & friends, information regarding pre emptive treatments and trying for a future pregnancy. We also have a new forum on the website offering support from volunteers not only for women suffering from HG, but for women suffering after HG, for couples planning another pregnancy and also for partners / carers.

You are probably reading this and wondering why I'm not talking about our 9k walks today, but raising awareness of Hyperemesis Gravidarum and the charity is one of the main reasons for this nine months of campaign. So I'd like to ask you all to please share the link to this blog on your Facebook and Twitter accounts once you have finished reading. it will only take one minute of your time and it will make a huge difference. There could be a friend on Facebook or a follower on Twitter who is suffering from HG or who knows someone that is, they may not know about PSS yet and if they see the link that you have shared then you may have just given them the lifeline they desperately need. They could be feeling isolated and alone, but by finding out about PSS they will receive the support they need to help them through the months ahead and they will feel reassured to know they are not alone in what they are going through. I know myself what this would have meant to me if I had found PSS while I was pregnant, which is why it's so important that you share the blogs and help spread awareness.

It is also very important that we raise as much money as we can so that PSS can continue to run so well, so that our wonderful support network can continue and so that the medical research may continue also. Every penny counts so please click here to donate and sponsor us on our nine months of journey...

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