A Blanket Update! By Amanda

It feels like such a long time since I did an update on the rainbow ripple blanket I started several weeks ago. My time has been taken up quite significantly with trying to work out the pattern for my baby beanies, but I have been spending the odd bit of time here and there working on the blanket and it is slowly growing bit by bit.

Do you want to see?

It has grown so large that I now have to take a photo of it lying on the floor! But it still isn't finished yet. This would be the perfect sized blanket for out and about in the pushchair, but I want it to be big enough to be used in a cot and last the test of time, so we still have a fair way to go.

I'm making the colour changes completely random, so I do hope the overall pattern works. Sometimes I start a row with a colour I think would work well and then end up unpicking it and starting again with another colour as it just does not seem right. I'm nothing if not a perfectionist!

I cannot wait until this blanket is finished, as there is nothing more satisfying than to see the end product of your hours of work. Anyone want to guess how many rows there will be in the completed blanket? I'm not sure I do...

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