Butternut squash and leek soup - by Muma Dean

I feel a bit cheeky calling this a recipe and as you read it you'll think it's a bit of a lame post as it is just so simple – but try it! It is soooooooo yummy!

I went through a phase of overcomplicating this recipe, adding onion, herbs, cream and other utterly unnecessary embellishments. I've since resorted back to this perfect simplicity as it is by far the best version.


3 or 4 leeks
A butternut squash
Approx 1 litre vegetable or chicken stock
A knob of butter or tbs oil


Chop the leeks and butternut squash into chunks and soften in a saucepan with the butter or oil and the lid on.

Once it's all soft add the stock and simmer for 10 mins.

Blitz thoroughly with a hand blender. Season with black pepper if required.

Serve with fresh crusty bread (ideally home made... bread recipes to follow in the next few weeks).

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  1. We like simple in our house :) and we love anything with butternut squash in, so this may become one of our autumn favourites!


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