More training walks by Emma

So after last weeks mammoth training sessions of going from 0k to 30.4k in one week, did I manage to continue? Lets look at the stats:

I took Adam for an early morning run of 3.6k. This running malarkey doesn’t seem to be getting any easier! After breakfast I did 50 minutes of Just Dance on the Wii and managed not to knock Adam over in the process.

The morning started with another 50 minutes on Just Dance. I managed to continue despite jumping onto one of Adams trains – painful! We then did a hill training walk at Gorleston with my Mum and Step-Dad. 

Philip tracked the walk and it came to 5.9k. However this didn’t include running after Adam on the beach. My son certainly loves to run! 

I only managed a 50 minute session on Just Dance and Adams toddler group Tumble Tots.

Another hill training walk to Gorleston with my Mum, Step-Dad and my niece – only 5.7k this time as Philip got distracted by cake and out usual coffee shop was closed. Adam had a fantastic time running in the foam along the sea edge. He loved his foam boots.

The morning started with a 50 minute Just Dance session followed by Adams swimming lesson. The weather was unpredictable in the afternoon but we still attempted a walk. I say attempted because we only managed 1.5k before the rain got too much and I had left Adams water proof cover at home. I don’t think I can track our walk around Tescos instead.

We took Chris (my husband) to Gorleston to show him our hill training walk. We did a shorter version of the walk but managed 4k.

Adam now rarely sleeps on a walk – he is normally too busy pointing out dogs and cars. He was in desperate need of a sleep so I took him to Burlingham Woods. As a baby he would fall asleep as soon as we started walking in the woods and I was glad he hasn’t changed. I did my usual round trip of 4k but Adam was still asleep so decided to do it again! After 8k my arms certainly felt like they had a work out. Some of the track is uneven due to roots so makes it hard work with a pushchair.

So my weeks grand total was 28.7k although I managed 200 minutes on Just Dance. I am extremely excited though because this week three other members of the Nine Months Of challenge and their children will be staying with me in Norfolk. It will be a much needed boost and we will be doing a 9k walk together – so watch this space for our adventures together. 

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  1. I am really very impressed by all this training, but mostly by the Just Dance! I have tried things like that with Oscar around and we just end up in a heap on the floor... Great to see your progress and I cannot wait to hear all about your group trip :)


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