Mums in the Know Play Date - By Susie

My latest Roadshow Event took me to a Play Date organised by Mums in the Know Sutton Coldfield.

I have to admit that, in the days running up to the event, I was wondering whether I had made a mistake arranging something so soon after my knee op. I knew that I would be on crutches but I thought it would still be manageable. All I would need to do would be to find a chair, Charlotte would play and my mum would be there to help if needed. Easy? Unfortunately, I hadn't bargained on the painkillers making me feel drained and a bit fuzzy-headed. But MITK had been kind enough to let me go along so I really didn't want to pull out at the last minute.

I was a little late arriving at the Play Date as I had been invited to my son’s school assembly which ran on longer than expected. This was a shame as it meant that when I arrived the baby and toddler music session was already in full swing and I didn’t have the opportunity to introduce myself or explain a little bit about the charity. Nevertheless, I set out my leaflets, unrolled the PSS banner (actually my poor mum climbed on a chair to do that as I am still struggling on crutches!) and installed myself on a chair. One or two people looked at the leaflets, but I wasn’t sure whether many people had even noticed the banner and leaflets or me in my lovely PSS t-shirt. They were all busy enjoying the Play Date.

PSS pop-up banner
However, since the Play Date I have been very encouraged by the response. Two of the mums who were at the event have posted comments on the MITK Facebook page about their experiences of hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) and Pregnancy Sickness Support.

The first mum received support from PSS during her pregnancy and described it as a “fantastic charity” which supported her through her dark HG days. She would like to become a volunteer for PSS in the future which is absolutely brilliant news! The second mum also suffered dreadfully from HG and really wished she had known about the charity at the time. She described PSS as an “amazing charity” and said she would be happy to write an article or speak to other sufferers about the devastating effects of HG. It just goes to show that HG is an issue that many mums know and care an awful lot about.

Susie with a Pregnancy Sickness Support poster
This is the third event of this type I have attended so far and it has been difficult to know how much of an impact I am making on behalf of Pregnancy Sickness Support and the nine months of campaign. So it is really positive that this event was much more of a success than I had thought. HG is a little-known and often misunderstood complication of pregnancy and the aim of my nine months of challenge is to raise awareness of HG as well as Pregnancy Sickness Support. It seems that on this occasion I succeeded. So, thank you to Mums in the Know Sutton Coldfield for giving me this opportunity.

If you have enjoyed reading this please sponsor me to ensure that the charity can continue to help sufferers and their families. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you.


  1. Great Job Susie! It's brilliant to be letting others know how they too can raise awareness about hyperemesis and the charity. Keep up the good work :) x


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