Plodding Along... by Amanda

This week I find myself at a loss when it comes to finding something to blog about. I have quite simply come to a point where I have spent the past week working on the blanket and have nothing new or interesting to share with you. I've added several rows, but to be honest the photo is pretty much the same as last week's...

Last week...

This week!

I've actually added 2 more rows since that second photo was taken mid-week and bearing in mind that the last row I added had 440 stitches in and each new row adds further stitches to that tally, you can understand why progress seems to be looking slower even if it isn't actually getting any slower.

This reminds me quite a lot of pregnancy, actually. Especially one complicated by severe sickness. You spend days, and weeks, and months feeling truly awful and knowing without a doubt you are most definitely pregnant and yet other than a very grey, perhaps very spotty appearance ("You look like you have the measles" said my loving father in those early days) you do not look pregnant at all. You have all these amazing things going on inside your body, but you have no visible bump, no pregnant glow (and may never get that one!), you don't even have a scan photo to show for it and may not have even met a midwife yet. Progress is being made, but it's very hard to see that at times.

And it seems like a double whammy that the time when a woman feels at her absolute worst and needs the most support is the time when hardly anyone knows she is pregnant at all. And that's why I am slowly building up this blanket stitch by stitch. So that the sale of it will bring much needed funds to Pregnancy Sickness Support so that they can offer information and support to women in those long, painful weeks and months in which they grow a beautiful baby, slowly but surely, cell by cell with nothing but a grey complexion and sick bowl to show for it!

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