Week 8 - Challenges Contine by Sophie

This week has been fairly hectic and passed in a blur - a bit like the corresponding week of my pregnancy this time last year. The vomiting at night was getting worse and if anybody else suggested ginger - which by now was making me feel sick - I thought I might die. Odd things that I once loved I could not face being around, the smell of fresh laundry drying in the house would have me running to the toilet. Coffee and chocolate would have me retching. So, ironing as I am today, our house is full of washing drying created by Merryn and her constant changes of clothing and the smell of baking chocolate cake for the Nine Months Of challenge!

The continual feeling of nausea and the insomnia it was causing was leaving me feeling pretty empty inside and probably why I can't really remember much about it!

This week due to the hectic week and Merryn being unsettled we stuck to brownies, our tried and tested recipe, and sold them at a mum and baby group. There are some weeks where the oldies, the goodies and the combination of chocolate, butter and sugar are hard to beat! If anyone has ideas for bakes for selling they would be greatly appreciated!

Brighter times...makes it all worth it x

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