Week 9: Life in the slow lane by Marilisa

The slow lane of the pool, that is.

With a bit more health and energy under my belt, I've been ramping up the triathlon training again, and really enjoying it. I've held myself back from doing *too* much after a couple of weeks of relative inactivity, but it's good to be back at it.

My one swim this week was marred by some minor annoyances. First of all, I apparently misplaced my ability to swim front crawl in a straight line; every time I tried I ended up headbutting the rope dividing the lanes. I consequently stuck to breaststroke for the most part, to avoid becoming annoyance number 2: the lane hog. There was someone in my lane whose interpretation of "swim anti-clockwise" was "swim down the middle of the lane". I think it was lack of technique - an affliction I can certainly sympathise with - rather than thoughtlessness, but it still made my swim a bit more frantic as I had to keep dodging him.

Annoyance number 3 was that I lost track of my laps partway through. I went for the conservative estimate - I may have actually swum further than I've recorded. I have subsequently discovered that someone has already, a long time ago, had the brilliant idea of inventing a waterproof lap counter, and will be ordering one soon.

My cycle was more successful. I was exhausted when I started, but promised myself to keep going for 5 minutes. I ended up finding a reserve of energy and doing much more than that - with the help of my secret weapon. Yes: some people train with upbeat music, or perhaps enjoy the peace and quiet of their own thoughts. Apparently, I do my best cycling while watching University Challenge. There. My secret's out now.

I've enjoyed my walks, too. Nearly two years after the end of my encounter with hyperemesis gravidarum, the novelty of being able to be out and about, walking around the city, has still not worn off. Some of my regular routes take me past some pretty iconic scenery, too, which doesn't hurt.

I think my next "Nine months of" challenge should be learning how to take decent photos.

This coming week may be the week where I finally break out of my solitude and join my local parkrun for the first time. This terrifies me more than a little, as my faith in my athletic abilities is still pretty much non-existent. Watch this space to find out if I dared to do it or not!

The boring numbers

Swim: 1 session, 20 mins, 400m
Bike: 1 session, 25 mins, 6.5km
Walk: 3 sessions, 92 mins total, 8.75km

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  1. Wow Marilisa, you're doing such a fab job! And what a funny thing to discover as your motivation! I cannot wait to hear if you braved the parkrun or not...


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