Week 9: Mummy Brain - and cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles! by Sophie

So this week has been somewhat chaotic, probably much how week 9 of my pregnancy was - but in all honesty I can not remember it. The sleepless nights were getting worse; I was lucky enough to commute to work with my husband so by the end of the day I would collapse into the car, close my eyes, fall asleep and press my pressure bands in the hope that we would soon be home and not need to stop. It was around this time that I found out that I had passed my exam... brilliant news, but it meant that I had the practical exam to sit the next month. If I failed that I would have to re-take all of it again, my mind was all over the place: how was I going to be able to work, revise and manage the sickness? It still amazes me how the human body can find such reserves and grow another human. Needless to say my emotions were all over the place and I just needed to remind myself to stay focused. Focus on the fact that I was pregnant and the end result!

This week I have had to remind myself to stay focused... My main focus is obviously Merryn right now, but she has decided that sleeping is for wimps so once again my mind is like a ball of fuzz. Not only did I forget about blog writing, I left it till the Thursday to bake! In the chaos of laundry and baking I went to check how long I had to bake on my phone: it was nowhere to be found... Then I heard the clunk, clunk of it as it went round the washing machine. I reminded myself that all that mattered was that I had a healthy happy family!

Happy Family x 
This week's bake was cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles, sold by Tom at his school placement! x

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  1. Oh dear Sophie... did your phone survive at all or was it completely ruined?


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