Introducing The Big Brew - a Fundraising Event for PSS

We're delighted to share something extremely exciting with you all today. It's a new fundraising idea that is so easy and fun anyone can join in.

We know that big fundraising challenges are sometimes just too physically demanding or time-limiting for those of you recovering from a HG pregnancy and anyone with young children. And that's why we wanted to come up with an idea that anyone could do.

Quite simply, we're asking you all to invite your friends, family and colleagues to join you for a cuppa and some cake and then take the opportunity to raise some awareness of what we do and some funds to help us continue doing all that we do.

We're calling it The Big Brew
We've aimed the event at 15th May as this is International Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day and we will be promoting awareness more than ever on that date. However we know that you won't all be able to hold an event on that date, so do feel free to choose a date within that week that suits you.

Your Big Brew event can take place anywhere that works for you (your home, your local church hall, or even your work place) and can be as big or small as you want to make it. It can be an intimate get-together with a small group of friends, a natter over tea with other mums you know, or a selection of cakes to entice your colleagues on their lunch break!

All we ask is that you use the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for Pregnancy Sickness Support (PSS).  Explain to your guests what PSS is all about and why you’re fundraising for us. Explain that the money you raise will help us reach even more women during their most difficult days as well as raising awareness of HG and the treatment options available.  You could even print off some of our information leaflets to hand out.

And then give yourself a great big pat on the back for holding such a fantastic event. It doesn't matter if you reach one person or twenty. It doesn't matter if you raise £10 or £100. All that matters is that you took part and made a difference through bringing people together for your Big Brew.

All the information you will need (including posters, invites, thank you cards and Susie's Top Tips) can be found on the PSS website here. You'll also find all the details on there about how to join in with the Big Brewers' Community. We look forward to hearing your plans!


  1. That's really appreciable.well done. Can you give me some crowdfunding ideas? Albeit, it can be fetched from crowd funsraising websites too, I wanna know from the real world.

  2. Thanks for your kind reminder. The best fundraising websites helps gathering funds in a creative way and also helps raising funds without paying taxes.


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