I didn't suffer, but I get it – by Angela Warwick

I have four children ranging from 10-22 years old and I was lucky to never suffer more than a whiff of nausea in a couple of my pregnancies. But my friend Caitlin did... man, did she suffer! She was sick all the time and we just didn't see her for the long nine months that she went through three times to get her gorgeous kids. She was a completely unrecognisable person while she was pregnant, mainly she was bloody miserable to be honest and that's not like her at all.

Since her last pregnancy I've watched how she has turned the condition on it's head and worked her socks off to improve care and treatment for other women. We hang out a lot and our weekend plans to chill on the beach or camp with the kids are frequently interrupted by desperate calls to women in terrible conditions. And I see how affected by them she is. She'll get off the phone ranting and raving like a loon about how the ignorant doctors took the poor women off her life saving medication or how this poor women wants her baby so much yet sees no option but to terminate as her doctors refuse even the most basic of medications. And then I hear about the information she's given them and the plan they have made and I see her get her laptop out to match them with a suffers. Wine O'Clock can't start until the volunteer has had a handover and she's let the sufferer know help is coming.  

I also hear about the financial situation of this priceless charity. I know that Caitlin doesn't see a penny for the hard work she puts in and in fact she has raised thousands of pounds herself just to make sure these women don't suffer alone... like she did. We've spend evenings brainstorming ideas for the charity's development and how to change the stigma around the condition but there is always the same sticking point... money. Or rather, the glaring lack of money!

So, I'm going to do my bit! I'm doing a triathlon in September and I want to raise sponsorship for Pregnancy Sickness Support. Triathlons are pretty hard core and it's only my second ever one, but they are nothing compared to surviving a pregnancy with hyperemesis gravidarum... the women who do that are truly hard core, and I'll be thinking of them while I swim, run and cycle my way round St Ives. 

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