Beci's Big Brew 2015

Having been a Volunteer Supporter for Pregnancy Sickness Support for a couple of years I decided that this year I would do my bit of fundraising for them and hold a Big Brew on 16th May. I created an event on Facebook, promised my friends as much cake as they could eat in 3 hours and started begging anyone I knew who owned a business for raffle prizes!

My mum suggested the raffle as an extra way to raise money. I ended up with some lovely prizes including a month’s worth of Zumba vouchers, handmade fudge voucher (thank you Sam Sorrell), free entry into a local National Trust property, an Avon giftset and a massage gift voucher (thank you Lois Slocombe). A friend of mine who runs a greetings card business also came along and offered to donate 10% of money taken to PSS.

The day before my Big Brew, HG Awareness Day, my mother in law kindly offered to take my ‘helpful’ 3 year old off my hands for the day. How I would have been ready with her around I simply don’t know! The whole day was spent baking and cleaning, interspersed with spamming social media with HG awareness posts and a mad dash round all my local supermarkets to find one ingredient I needed for one of my cakes (how hard can poppy seeds be to find, turns out very!). I baked a hazelnut, pear and dark chocolate cake, a coconut cake and a citrus poppy seed cake. I’m not much of a baker so was exceptionally proud of myself but must admit I cheated and bought scones! A friend of mine who also suffered with HG made some delicious rainbow cupcakes decorated in PSS colours for which I’ll be eternally grateful!

Happily on the day of my event the sun was shining and we were all able to go out in the garden and enjoy it! I was so touched by how many of my family and friends turned out to support a cause so close to my heart. Even those that couldn’t make it generously donated or bought raffle tickets. I was also so pleased to hear how many conversations were going on about HG, so as well as raising money it has helped inform people too.

I had always said that I would be happy to raise around £100 so when I added up the money and found we made £197.70 I was over the moon! I really enjoyed hosting a Big Brew and will definitely be doing it again next year!