Snowdonia Marathon Update – As with HG, things don’t always go to plan…

I was blown away by the response I got to my piece about HG and running last month.  People said such wonderful, kind and inspiring things and I felt so proud to be doing this for the charity that is so close to my heart.

In a twist of fate, I had written the piece two days before I tore my hamstring whilst training with my running club.  I saw a Physio straight away and was relieved to be told that with two weeks’ rest it should be fine.  I confidently told PSS they could publish the piece and got myself busy doing strengthening exercises whilst cycling, swimming and rowing in the meantime.

As predicted, the hamstring was absolutely fine when I returned to running, but my running felt ‘clunky’ and not quite right.  I plodded on, hoping that it would all fall into place but last weekend my right leg (the opposite leg to the one I injured) became painful and I had to abandon a long run, something I cannot remember ever doing before.  It turns out I’ve been compensating – overusing the ‘good’ leg in a subconscious attempt to protect the ‘bad’ one – common in people coming back from injury but terrible timing for me.  It’s not particularly serious in itself and I’ve been doing some light running last week but I have missed a month of marathon training at a crucial time so any hope of my marathon comeback being something I am satisfied with is out of the window.

There is a chance I would be able to jog or run/walk around the course, but I need to have a think about whether that is the right thing for me physically and mentally and realistically I am going to have to make that decision fairly late in the day.  As it stands at the moment I think that sadly it looks more likely than not that I will have to drop out of the marathon.

I'm devastated on a personal level - this marathon meant an awful lot to me.  As I wrote in my original piece it has taken me a really long time to get my head into a position where I can attempt one, and to have it snatched away at the last minute through bad luck is bitterly disappointing.   I was really low last week.  The sadness echoed my feelings when I had HG, that my body had failed me.  It felt that matter how hard I tried I was unable to do something that I really wanted to do.   I contemplated just giving up, never running again.   But after a few sad days I have picked myself up and am feeling much more philosophical about it now. 

Obviously I am also disappointed because I was doing this sponsored for PSS and the charity means the world to me.  I feel like I’ve let the people who have already sponsored me down.  All I can say is that I am doing my best to still give Snowdonia a go on 29th October but if it isn't to be then I will definitely find a new challenge worthy of people’s sponsorship. 

I’ll keep you all posted….


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