Thursday, 30 November 2017


It's raining today. 

Absolutely chucking it down. 

And I am reminded of many similar mornings when, weather notwithstanding, I'd be out running -  feeling happy; staying strong; getting muddy.

Just like this:

Unfortunately, in recent years, I dropped my running habit and regained a lot of weight. Life took some pretty crazy turns, which led to me making a 300+ mile move from North Wales to Cornwall, with my son and our German Shepherd and, along the way, I became less of a priority in my own life.

Now, though, as Christmas approaches and I have started my wonderful new job as Fundraising Coordinator for Pregnancy Sickness Support, I've started to think that perhaps it's time to make myself a priority and to begin a recovery program that takes me back to the woman I used to be. Whilst running is my thing, I am currently too heavy to run, and thus I'm going to focus not so much on restoring my running as much as hoping to include running in a plan to restore myself. Walking, cycling, singing, dancing (well, trying to) and generally taking good care of myself are also likely to feature. I'm also considering dying my hair purple.

No, really, I am. I've always wanted to and, if not now, then when?

So I'm going to be evaluating and implementing lots of ways to get back to being the person I once was - and I'm hoping that others out there may want to join me. I'll be starting on January 7th - nine months ahead of the Cardiff Half Marathon on 7th October (which I hope to run as I did in 2014) and a week after the Christmas and New Year chaos ought to have subsided.

(This is an exhausted me right after my 2:11:04 half marathon in Cardiff in 2014.)

Whether it's following a lifestyle upheaval similar to mine; or after an illness, or pregnancy; leading up to a milestone birthday or just after one; or simply just because... If you're feeling that 2018 is to be the year that you recover your old self in some way, why not join me? It doesn't matter if you want to return to a previous weight, level of fitness, dress size or even hair colour - if you're looking to restore something you've lost then let's do it together.

And see if we can't raise some much-needed funds for PSS along the way. 

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  1. Wonderful project for fundraising for pregnancy sickness support. That is so kind and carig of you. All the best on your project and feel free to keep us posted on the progress.