Icy Dip

So what are your plans for Boxing Day this year? Will you be eating up all the leftovers or heading out to score a bargain in the Boxing Day sales? (And am I the only one who remembers when these were actually New Year's Day sales?) Perhaps you will be snuggled in your onesie watching TV, or that DVD you got in your Christmas stocking?

I'm a little in awe of Amanda's plans, though. Whilst we're all enjoying Boxing Day in our favourite way, she will be heading out to Tynemouth for a freezing plunge into the North Sea, raising money for Pregnancy Sickness Support in possibly the coldest way ever devised! 

One of Amanda’s best friends, Jane, suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum in both her pregnancies. It was particularly bad in her first pregnancy, during which she was often hospitalised and/or bed-bound. Amanda wanted to do something to highlight the effect of HG on a woman's mental well-being, as well as her physical health, raising money at the same time to help PSS help support other women like Jane. You can see her fundraising page here if you'd like to support her in her daunting venture.

(Amanda (right) and Jane.)

Amanda and Jane are school friends who have known each other for over twenty years. Amanda wanted to something very daring to raise money and confesses to hating being cold. The icy dip will certainly present a challenge and, as it's part of a bigger cold water immersion event, it's a great way to raise funds in a high-profile way. She'll have support from Jane, and other family and friends, and let's hope that her freezing plunge is well-rewarded.

In the meantime, if you'd like to do something equally brave - or perhaps something a little less chilly - please let me know.

I wish Amanda the best of luck with her swim - watch this space for updates and check out our website for ways in which you can help raise money for PSS.