Merry Christmas!

As you read this, I will be in Cardiff with my eldest daughter who, as a paediatric nurse, is having her first Christmas Day off in a while. As I write this, I am in no doubt that we will be having a wonderful time. 

But I can remember other Christmases - pregnant Christmases - and how awful they were. I didn't plan very well and every single one of my four pregnancies (in three of which I suffered Hyperemesis) included a Christmas.

It's a huge privilege to be working and fundraising for PSS and a cause that is very close to my heart. Even though my youngest child is fifteen, vivid memories of HG remain and none are more sorrowful than those of Christmases spent unable to join in any of the fun; eat any of the wonderful food; feel any interest in presents, given or received. And let's not dwell on those who told me to 'snap out of it' and that I was 'only pregnant'!

Whilst I hope that everyone who reads this is having a fabulous festive season, I know that for some, it will be a nightmare. To those I would say: hang in there.

I'm still thinking about the things I hope to achieve in my role for PSS, and the fundraising I hope to do for the charity alongside my work, so if anyone else is thinking along the same lines, the relevant page of our website provides all the information you might need. If you are determined to work off the Christmas excess somehow, why not get a bit of sponsorship along the way? It's easy to set up a page on Virgin Money Giving

All that remains is for me to wish everyone a fantastic time over the holiday season - I hope your Christmas is proving to be very merry and bright!


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